Hi Guys!

Thursday, January 30, 2014

I hope everyone is having a nice week. I spent Monday – Wednesday shooting photo sets for my site. Wait till you guys see all the different looks that I did 😉 I even got to shoot some hot g/g sets with super sexy Anita Dark. WOW she is so HOT. Her boobs feel amazing! She is such a sweet heart too. I’m so glad we finally had a chance to meet!!!
I’m really exhausted today and in a lot of pain. I had a bit of an accident at one of the shoot locations. I was going down the stairs and my heel apparently got stuck in a little crack that was on a step and I fell about 8 steps. Luckily for me Anita was in front of me and she saved me from falling even more! I ended up with a bunch of scrapes on both of my knees, on my leg, right hand, and near the bottom of my chest. Today I’m aching all over and I have a few bruises :( I tell you I can’t get rid of my bad luck lately!
Today I’m going to spend a few hours on the couch relaxing and just watching TV. Then I will get back on the computer and start getting one of the photo sets ready for an update :-)

I don’t remember if I’ve mention this before but recently the ACH cam show snapshots have been down. There was a problem with the server they are on and they are currently working at recovering everything. For now the links are not working but I’m told they should be back soon. I apologize for that. I plan to add snapshots from the shows that I’ve done on the CAMZ network next month 😉

Well, I’m off to relax for a bit 😉

Big kisses to all,

Mindy Vega in black boots

Monday, January 27, 2014

Mindy Vega is stellar hot, and her skin looks extremely sexy in this fishnet top. I’m sure running your hands over her breasts in that would feel nice, with her nipples poking out. Watch her lift up her denim skirt and spread her pussy open for you…

Mindy Vega

Welcome to the Mindy Vega Blog

Monday, January 27, 2014

Welcome to the Mindy Vega Blog! Here you’ll find Mindy’s photos, diary entries, live cam schedule, and more!

Mindy Vega Official Site

Friday, April 12, 2013

Mindy Vega is ready to share with you her large porn collection – she has it all for you inside her Official Site:

I’m a young latina with a real naughty side. I operate this website all by myself. It’s my passion! I guess you could say I’m an official computerr geek too heheee…I’ve been online for almost 7 years now so you can imagin how large my collection of naughty content is and it’s all inside for you to enjoy!

Mindy Vega is a Personal Assistant With Perks

Monday, April 8, 2013

She comes to work looking so professional in her attractive grey suit, but Mindy Vega has all kinds of tricks up her sleeve. When you’re ready for some assisting, she will do it in style. First, she coyly gives you a glimpse of her gorgeous black bra. Then, while she makes a call letting your boss know that you won’t be able to make it to the meeting, she shows you a few more reasons why you will be detained.

Then if you still haven’t taken the hint, she’ll kick back in your chair, expose her breasts and wait for you to do the rest. All you have to do is reach out and enjoy the feeling and the view. Mindy Vega likes a man who knows what he wants, especially when it’s also what she wants. Time to put your cock to work giving this assistant all the help she needs.

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Mindy Vega is Stunning in Red Lace

Friday, March 8, 2013

When Mindy Vega plays dress up, she really knows what she’s doing. Check out this lacy red lingerie set she has on right now for you. It shows every bit of her body off exactly right. She’s counting on that when she begins to strip for you..

She starts with lowering her bra, revealing her plush breasts and firm ripe nipples. She’d love to feel your tongue on them. When the bra is off, it’s time to slowly remove her panties, inch by careful inch.

When she’s completely nude, she stuns you with a beautiful smile while you bask in the wonders of her body. Last but not least, she shares with you the position she wants to be in when you slide your throbbing man meat deep inside of her. If you don’t chicken out.

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Mindy Vega is the Hostess With the Mostess

Friday, February 8, 2013

Look at fetching Mindy Vega looking so sensational in her swim suit and shorty mesh skirt. She looks like every man’s dream of a cocktail waitress. But when she turns around to give you an incredible booty shot, you know that this woman knows how to give some straight up great service!

See the way she turns around to see your reaction? She gets off on teasing you. Next she slips off the skirt, hoping it might increase her tips. She’ll slide her panties off too, if you want her to. She’ll get right up on the table and do it.

Hopefully that will encourage you to give her a good tip. Or even better, maybe the whole shaft!

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Mindy Vega Puts on the Perfect Pool Party

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Check out Mindy Vega in her pretty blue string bikini. She knows just how to wear it to show her body off to perfection. But when she takes it off, things get a lot more interesting! Any man would be thrilled to go skinny dipping with a hot honey like this.

She is so astoundingly fuckable both in and out of the water, and to be near her would mean having a raging hard on the entire time. Apparently she would like that, though, judging from the way she touches herself in the pictures. But when she leans over and spreads her pussy lips apart, it’s enough to make a hard man shoot his wad right then and there!

I bet she knows it to. That’s probably exactly what she wants.

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Mindy Vega Looks Ready For a Game of Strip Tennis

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Looking hot and sexy and ready for summer in her short white skirt and yellow mesh top, Mindy Vega looks ready for action. All she really needs is a racket in her hand to complete the look, but when she turns around and shows you how short her skirt is from behind, it looks like she might have another game on her mind.

She isn’t even wearing any panties, so if love is on her mind, it clearly isn’t the tennis kind of love. Chances are she’d be disqualified for distracting her opponent if she did get into a game, especially when she starts stripping out of her sexy clothes. What a hot tease this woman is!

With a body so perfect, she can get away with it. She just makes me want to grab her legs and make a wish.

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Mindy Vega is Sexy Hot in Pink and Black

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Okay, be honest. When you see Mindy Vega looking so hot and tempting in her tight pink panties, sleek black bra, and sexy stockings with the bows on her hips, doesn’t your cock suddenly have a mind of it’s own? I know mine does! Then she takes that bra off and spreads her long sexy legs and I’m about ready to pop!

She teases us with a small glimpse of her velvet cunt and my cock knows just where it wants to be, deep inside, making this hot honey moan with delight. Slowly, she starts to slide those pink pants down and I hold my breath with anticipation.

Finally she is naked and in the right positions for the perfect fuck and lick fest. This woman even makes my tongue hard!

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Mindy Vega is Looking For Naughty Pool Fun

Monday, October 8, 2012

When Mindy Vega shows up at the pool wearing a filmy blue dress over blue bikini briefs, every eye is on her. She has a way of taking up all the space around her with her long beautiful black hair, perfect body, and flashing eyes. When she starts to undress, watch out!

The heat generated could make the waterr boil. When she takes everything off so you can see all her naked wonder, it’s hard to know what to look at. Everything about her is exquisite. Your cock throbs, wishing it could find out if she’s as velvetty soft inside as she appears to be. Just feast your eyes and let your imagination be your guide.

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Mindy Vega is a Horny Vixen in Grey

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Mindy Vega certainly knows how to wear a dress, especially a short little shift like this grey one she has on. It just barely covers her up, and you know she likes it that way. She likes it so much, she can’t resist turning around to give you a teasing flash of her nice round ass, so perfect and pleasing.

Then she squats down, breasts bare, dress barely covering her pretty pussy, and all kinds of naughty thoughts are inspired. When she finally strips the dress off and stands naked and proud, you simply want to feast your eyes on her beauty. You get a glimpse of that pussy from behind and the horny feelings are bound to begin, especially when you see that ginormous dildo resting against her cunt, right where you want your cock to be. This woman is such a horny tease!

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Mindy Vega is Pretty in Pink

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Mindy Vega looks like a doll in her pretty pink and white bra and barely there g-string panties. When she turns to the side so you can see her fine ass, it’s enough to leave a man hard and breathless. Mindy knows just how to pose her body to show off all her lovely assets and watching her is to watch hot and sexy poetry in motion.

When she lowers her bra to show off those luscious breasts, your mouth begins to water. Then she lays back on the chair, long curvacious legs in the air, and it’s hard to think about anything except how badly you want to get those panties off her, especially when she turns to the side, teasing you with the possibility of some back door action.

Finally she lowers the panties, and even though you can’t see everything you might want to, you know it’s there. What a woman!

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Mindy Vega is Bodacious in Blue Net Dress

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Looking this good should be illegal. Wearing a blue net dress that would not be considered proper attire in public, Mindy Vega is stunning. With her long black hair hanging free, hoop earrings, choker, and a black belt to set the outfit off, she manages to look classy as well as drop-dead sexy.

Suddenly she seems to realize that you can see her nipples quite clearly and she coyly covers them. But then she turns around so you can check out her fine ass covered only by a g-string and that net dress. But then she gives up the charade and bares those lovely titties and you know you’re hard now.

If you aren’t, you will be when she stretches her g-string aside, revealing her hot pussy between spread legs. And when she slides her pretty blue tool into her cooch, ouch! Every man needs a girl like her in his garage!

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Mindy Vega is a Vixen for Xmas

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Sexy brunette, Mindy Vega, unwraps her hot body from a Nurgle’s Nymphs cami and thong in front of the decorated tree and it is an awesome gift for the eyes.

Bringing her perfect boobs out of the white top and playing with her excited nipples, Mindy is ready to make you merry and she will do it through jolly titillation.

She squats on a snow white rug with her panties removed and round ass in view. The super petite Latina shows off her pretty pussy and invites you in the box.

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Mindy Vega in Bed with Crissy Moran

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Slender Latina, Mindy Vega, joins up with busty goddess, Crissy Moran, for an intimate romp in bed.

The naughty brunettes wear matching black thong bikinis and neither of them keep the swimsuits on for very long. They cannot resist the desire to help each other undress and view their beautiful naked bodies. Viewing turns into caressing and soon they are pressing their round boobs and hot butts together in a variety of sexy poses.

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Mindy Vega posing in sexy lingerie

Sunday, May 30, 2010

I love big bubbly tight latin asses! Who doesnt? So this is perfect, this set Ive got for you of Mindy Vega just hanging out in her living room, wearing sexy lingerie and posing naughtily for us! Mindy vega is a smart babe who knows how to turn us on! So she slowly loses her lingerie displaying her amazing tight body and her yummy bubbly ass! Get inside Mindy vega’s official site now and download her sexy videos and pics!

Mindy Vega relaxing in black lingerie

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Mindy Vega is just chilling out in her livingroom, looking as hot as always in her black lingerie. This brunette knows exactly how to tease us and turns us on.. and she gets crazy about it, her pussy gets so wet while she slowly loses her lingerie, displaying her yummy boobies and erect nipples.. Then she can’t hold on anymore her needs for pleasure so she spreads out her wet twat and starts fingering it for us to delight! Get inside Mindy Vega’s official site now and download her videos and pics!

Mindy Vega looking to be fucked in her kitchen

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Mindy Vega is a lovely housewife.. she is the hottest brunette I’ve ever seen. And that doesn’t mean she knows how to cook.. but who cares! Mindy Vega looks stunning in the kitchen, wearing that sexy lingerie that she slowly takes off! Mindy Vega is feeling really horny and just wants to get fucked in the kitchen! She strips her sexy lingerie off and lets us see her amazing tight bubbly ass and spreads out her yummy twat! Get inside Mindy Vega’s official site now and download her pics and vids

Mindy Vega loses her sexy lingerie

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Bootylicious Mindy Vega is hanging out in her room wearing super sexy lingerie.. But luckily Mindy Vega loses her bra showing off her yummy perky boobs but she knows we also want to see her playing with her out-of-this-world ass! So Mindy vega slides down her panties, bends over and frees her amazing butt! Then her pussy gets really wet so she starts playing with it! Get inside Mindy Vega’s official site now and download her amazing videos and pics