Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Hi guys!

Guess what….. I have a cam show scheduled for November 9th at 4pm est. I hope most of you can make it. I’m really looking forward to getting naughty and chatting with all my sweet fans!

This week’s update “Piano” was shot by photographer Lawrence Gayoso. Those were not with my new camera but I still think the pics came out nice. I hope you all enjoy the pictures.

Today I had such a big scare. I went to take doggies out in the back yard for a few minutes like I always do and when I opened the door I was surprised by a huge raccoon. I was caring one of my dogs but the other dog that was on the ground ran after the raccoon. She didn’t catch her thank goodness! I was so scared! I couldn’t stop her from chasing after the raccoon. All I kept thinking was that the raccoon was going to attach my dog. Thank goodness nothing happened. Now I’m freaking out every time I take them out back. Hopefully the crazy raccoon got scared and won’t come back!

I’m off to watch TV. I need to relax. I’ve been on the computer since 8am!


Mindy Vega and her special glass toy….

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Why do glass toys get all the fun? What do they have.. hmph!
Well Mindy Vega gets to enjoy this little number.. make sure you get all the pics from the members.. its a fucking hot set!!

Mindy Vega glass toy dildo

Mindy Vega playing the piano?

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Mindy Vega has been doing some super hot photoshoots lately.. This weeks update is Mindy in a sexy red number, stripping in front of a piano.. and posing nude on it.

I think Mindy Vega would make a hot little latina piano player.. dont you? :)

Download all the pics from Mindy Vega’s members area.

Mindy Vega pornstar latina

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Happy Halloween everyone!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Last night I carved my pumpkin…. It came out so cute! I call him Dracu-lantern

Then I roasted the pumpkin seeds. Yummy.I want to get another pumpkin today just so I can roast more seeds!
I bought a bunch of candy for the trick or treaters so later tonight I will sit outside my door with Dracu-lantern and my bowl of Candy. I do that every year. It’s easier then having the kids come knocking on the door every minute!
That’s all I’m doing for Halloween. I didn’t go to any parties this year…I know.. I’m boring HAAHAA!

I did some hot photo shoots on Sunday, including one with my realistic dildo that has a suction on the bottom of it. I had fun. I stuck it on the floor and got on top of it. WOW that was good! hehee Wait till you guys see the pics.I’ll be updating with that set in a few weeks.

I’ve already gotten so many nice emails about my latest update “Paradise” Thank you!!! I’m so happy you guys like that set so much. I love the way the pictures came out too. Those were shot with my new camera. The quality is so much nicer then my past photo shoots. Most of my uncoming updates have been shot with that camera but I still have some sets from different photographers/cameras that will be released throughout the next few months as well.

I hope you guys have a great Halloween. Don’t eat too much candy HAHAAA



Another Mindy Vega update

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Wow this set would have to be one of my favourites. Mindy Vega has just uploaded a new set titled ‘Paradise’, and its aptly named. Mindy Vega looks simply stunning in this little dress (no underwear!!! and the dress is see thru!!!)

You will love these pics.. tell Mindy what ya think of them!! i say they are hot!

Download all the pics from Mindy Vega’s members area.

Mindy Vega anita dark latina

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Mindy Vega has re-released an older set!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Mindy Vega was looking through her old content, and dug up larger versions of an old series posted on the site

A few years old, revisit Mindy Vega as she was starting out.. check out how hot she as backa few years ago.. wow nothing has changed has it!!! Nice ass babe!! :)

Make sure you get these new versions of pics in your collection

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Mindy Vega anita dark latina

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Hot new Mindy Vega Auction

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Mindy Vega ‘s Sexy Pink Bra & Thong set worn for a girl/girl photo shoot with Anita Dark & a live webcam show

Mindy Vega Auction

See the auction here

Mindy Vega hardcore pictures

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Well i know you guys wanna see this.. hell who doesnt!! Mindy Vega finds herself a boy toy who she likes to play with sometimes.. lucky fella.. anyway…. here are some pics from these encounters :)

You won’t find hardcore pictures and VID!!! of Mindy Vega anywhere but on her site..

MIndy Vega hardcore

Dont forget the Auction!!

Friday, August 1, 2014

A big Hi from me!

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Hi everyone,
WOW what a beautiful day today. I went outside this morning and was pleasantly surprise because the weather has changed and it’s a little cool out. I LOVE IT!!! I’m actually working in my office with the windows open. That’s not something I can usually do here in south Florida. Nice weather gets me happy hehee
This morning I had to take one of my doggies to the vet to have her teeth cleaned. It feels so weird without her here. I won’t be able to bring her home till this evening. I hope she will be ok. I’m nervous because they have to put her under general anesthesia for the procedure. She’s just 4 1/2 lbs so it’s a little scary for tiny dogs to go under like that!
This weekend I didn’t do too much. Saturday night I had to go to a friends birthday party. I drank little too much but I had fun with all my crazy friends!
Sunday I rented a few movies and watch them all the same day. Can you say couch potato HAHAA!
I got a new camera a few weeks ago so I can do some nice high quality pics for you guys. We finally got the settings figured out and we did a few shoots about a week or 2 ago. I know you guys are going to love the new pictures. I did a shoot on my patio which I titled “Paradise” because that’s how I feel about my back yard now. Every time I’m out there I feel like I’m in a resort on vacation… feels like paradise… awww so relaxing.. Since my neighbors appeared to not be home, I managed to do a set outside there HAHAA sneaky me! I love outdoor shoots. They are my favorite! This shoot will be the next update so stay tuned and please let me know what you guys think when it gets released ok!

Have a great week guys & girls :-)

P.S. I want to send a big hug and kiss to my fan Nurgle… he rocks! Thank you babe! You know why :-)

Mindy Vega with Anita Dark Part 2

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Mindy Vega has just uploaded Part 2 of the hot pics she did with Anita Dark.. you better hurry up and download them now!!!

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Mindy Vega anita dark latina

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Mindy Vega in see thru lingerie

Saturday, July 19, 2014

wow Mindy Vega.. you look stunning in this sexy lingerie.. absolutely amazing!!! check Mindy Vega stripping off this little number!!

Mindy vega lingerie latina

Mindy Vega new lingerie auction

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Mindy Vega’s sexy 2 piece lingerie set worn for a photo shoot and live webcam show on Mindy Vega’s Official Website. “This outfit comes with a personally autographed 5×7 print of me wearing the outfit & a BONUS SURPRISE GIFT!”

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Mindy Vega Interview

Friday, July 11, 2014

We have the full exclusive interview with Mindy Vega online! Check it out!

Mindy Vega Interview

Mindy Vega with Anita Dark

Monday, July 7, 2014

well this is a treat for members.. Mindy Vega and Anita Dark together for a hot steamy set… get Part 1 now in Mindy Vega’s members area… YUM!

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Mindy Vega anita dark latina

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Mindy Vega test shoots

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Mindy Vega has been working on a heap of new sets for her members area, and I have been lucky enough to get some sneak peaks of what is coming up.. and believe me when i say HOT HOT HOT.. Mindy is looking hotter than ever. She bought some new equipment to make the quality sensational (well we all know she is sensational!!)

Anyway enough dribbling from me.. I am allowed to give you one sneak peak.. if you all pester enough in comments, maybe Mindy Vega will allow some more!!!

Mindy Vega Test Shoot

Mindy Vega in dark blue lingerie

Sunday, June 29, 2014

ohh wow you gonna love these hot pictures of our Mindy Vega. Dark blue lingerie…. hot latina babe… she gets rid of said lingerie for us to enjoy her perfect body!

just make sure yuo get the entire set from Mindy’s members area.. i love this set!!

Mindy Vega lingerie

Mindy Vega Bio

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Here’s a little info about our hottie, Mindy Vega!

Measurements: 32B-21-35
Height: 5’1″
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Weight: 88lbs
Hometown: Miami Beach, FL
Ethnicity: Cuban/American

Mindy Vega soaps up her tits and ass

Friday, June 20, 2014

How would u like to get all soapy with Mindy Vega? Hell i would!! Check out these sizzling pics of our latina goddess as she soaps up her perfect tits and ass… ohh nice and wet!!

Mindy Vega latina ass

More Mindy Vega Q and A

Monday, June 16, 2014

Mindy Vega Blog: What kind of underwear do you wear when you go out?
Mindy Vega: I only wear thongs or g-strings. Sometimes I don’t wear any Heeeheee

Mindy Vega Blog: How do you think working in the adult industry has affected your feelings about sex or relationships?
Mindy Vega: It has helped me be more adventures & kinky in bed hehee

Mindy Vega Blog: Do you have a favorite adult movie? Why does it stand out more than others for you?
Mindy Vega: Oh my. I have no idea which is my favorite. Any erotic classy movie with HOT couples. I also enjoy watching hot threesomes! 😉